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Natal Chart Reading

Natal Chart Reading

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Birth charts are our life plans. It is like the summary of every "you" in every alternate universe. My aim here is to give you a good understanding of your chart, by citing what you might have been through; and guide you how to get over your difficult placements, and make the best out of your easy placements.

I value natal charts more than predictive readings; because if we know our nature well, this gives us an advantage in how to handle difficulties, and how to make the best out of opportunities.

If you have never had an astrology reading before, this is the one that I suggest for you.

My readings are recorded. I send them in a Google Drive folder along with chart screenshots. After you listen, you can ask me any of your questions anytime you want.




This starts from the basics, Sun, Moon, ASC, all the planets as well as Chiron, North and South Nodes, and Black Moon Lilith; and Uranian planets; Cupido, Apollon, Hades, Admetos, Vulcanus, Poseidon, Zeus, and Cronos.

First, in Placidus, I focus on element/mode balance, rulerships, major aspects and minor aspects. (72°, 108°, 144°, and 150°).

As follow up; I analyze the chart using Whole Sign, to see how it is different from Placidus; also considering fixed stars and some other technical terms.

Finally I take a look at your current transits and some future periods, briefly.

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