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Altar Oil

Altar Oil

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What does Altar Oil do:

  • Anoint altars,statues, and ritual tools.
  • Petition the help of saints, angels, or divine intervention.
  • Aid in healing, protection, blessings, and guidance.
  • Strengthen faith-based prayers and sacraments.

All of our magical attention oils are carefully crafted with highest quality of ingredients and are highly potent. With a combination of herbs, roots, crystals, an essential oils, a little goes a long way.

• All Herbal products are classified as Curios Products only.
• These products are NOT for consumption. Some items may be toxic, please make yourself aware of all herbal properties.
 NOT intended for medical diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of diseases.
 Packaging may not be exactly as shown. All items are handmade and materials will vary depending on availability.

Please be respectful and do not ask me about my suppliers, process, sourcing or other. I have spent hundreds of hours sourcing my suppliers, and tens of thousands of hours honing my Craft. This is my work- I encourage you to do your own thing instead! 

 PLEASE do not ask me for my recipes. If you have an allergy, let me know and I will switch out an ingredient for you. Occult recipes are closely guarded secrets and my recipes are proprietary.

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Herbs and Botanicals are perishable and/or expire and therefore are non-refundable/non-returnable. This guarantees freshness and quality.


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